Very skinny very young nude girls. The men, like the women, seemed to be trapped by a set of societal norms into a lifestyle that undermined the health and nutrition of their women.

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For a happier relationship with food, ditch "bad" from your vocabulary.

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The grandmothers and the young mothers both felt that today's young women fasted more often than in the past.

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This leaves me — what?

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By fasting and pleasing the gods, she was being dutiful and was bringing good luck to the family, luck that may help her give her in-laws a grandchild.

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The new bride is a stranger in the village, reliant on her new family and subordinate to them.

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Although, for the purposes of this article, the above sentence should read:

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People who are overweight often must learn to like healthy foods.

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Besides, you won't have the energy to exercise effectively," she says.

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For all our education, and opportunities that would make our grandmothers green with envy, thinness would appear to be the ultimate female ambition.