Tumblr male nude art. Our main requirement though is that your portfolio of images should be balanced or focus on the male figure.

I shared myself - inside and out.

View text gay art artist nudismo nudist exhibitionist sexy cute figure drawing tattoo tattoos gay tattoo nude tattoo naked tattoo 4 months ago 17 Dear John TumblrAs you already know, I was born this way.

You should change your mind and become an ally for the communities you are choosing to silence.

However, You have decided to turn your back on me.

They are the ones who helped me discover myself and find hope.

I was deep inside a closet with no hope of coming out.

It is where we will direct other photographers who seek to be published so they understand the kinds of work we are looking for, and conversely what we are not looking for.

You'll see we have a broad selection of work we like, from nudes, to clothed models, portraits and full bodied images, minimalist to surreal.