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It was her first album away from Tobin, and some of her fans found the new soulful, sultrier Tiffany less appealing.

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From there, the single climbed the charts to No.

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The ad, which parodies his " Paradise by the Dashboard Light ", has been released in two versions, an extended music video version and a short commercial edit.

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After parting company with EMI, Gibson formed her own record label, Espiritu, to release her original material.

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She also appeared on the US version of the show on June 2,but she lost to hip hop group Arrested Development.

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Her debut album "Out of the Blue" sold over five million copies.

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Her single "Your Secret" came back from its dormant state and became popular on some radio stations including Super

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Gatoroidin which she also starred.

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Growing up in Long Island, Deborah began performing with her sisters in Community Theatre at the age of five.