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I only hope that CmarNYC checks in here once in a while.

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Now they're not showing up at all in content manager.

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I allow non-default skintones to be used on all generated Sims and things like that for sure.

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Soft uncut penis displayed in CAS only.

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Because nothing changed after I installed the updated Command Center.

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For hairy nude teen couples lower parts, I ended up importing meshes already created by Cmar and one I created for the ladies once upon a time again, not fit for public consumption due to lack of skills.

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Perhaps by doing a re-position of the penis mesh it would be possible to make that part more suitable for the ladies mesh as it does hang way too low currently.

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It appears to be an alternative to the other workarounds previously mentioned.

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I figured out a way to peek down the shorts of other male Sims using Skinny Dip Together in a hot tub.

And regarding the posts of other people, the penis appears and dissapears on both genders

Glad you got it fixed, I was just coming back here to say that it looks like the new woohoo and mccommand mod have fixed things too.