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Regular walkthrough Julie is in a pool with two Health fruits behind her.

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If it hits a pool of water, it flies back up and tries again, but if it hits land, it gets stuck for a couple of moments.

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The manual gives the ammo for the Handgun and the chaingun of the XP as having a more square-shaped rectangular pickup photos of actress nude the pickup for ammo for the Uzi and Dual Uzis, but in the finalized game they share ammo pickups.

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You can turn and move Julie while the other responds to disengage them faster.

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There are three mushrooms and a Health plant there.

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You can also just wait after Julie turns a wheel and the lights have stopped moving to hear a lady's voice say, "Crystal aligned.

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Vymishes attack Garret causing him to make a hole in a roof as he falls through it.

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The ammo for the Chainsaw Sword and the Soul-Sucker is just indicated by the right bar.