Duchamp nude descending staircase. Four Texas-based collectors and their collections Our quartet tell us about their passions for samurai armour, illuminated manuscripts, toy banks and antique dolls.

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It's as though the brothers' bodies were broken into jigsaw puzzle pieces, then thrown onto the canvas.

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Analytic Cubism early Cubist works and Synthetic Cubism works produced from around or later.

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Literatures, Cultures, Spaces.

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The painting, exhibited in the 'Cubist room', was submitted with the title Nu descendant un escalier[18] was listed in the catalogue no.

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The Collection of Robert Shapazian Throughout a lifetime of collecting, Robert Shapazian assembled one of the most mesmerizing collections of Modern and Contemporary art to come to market.

In a way, these kinds of reactions were exactly what Duchamp was after.

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