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Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands but not on the streets, which is why prostitutes in Amsterdam stand behind the windows to attract business.

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A Dutch prostitute has an average gross income of Euros a month.

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If you approach a window, there's a good chance the girl behind it will peer around the door and check you out.

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Holiday makers visiting the notorious stag-do hotspot are being told to stop ogling the naked and scantily-clad prostitutes in the red light district.

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The exception to this rule would be if a guy had paid for an hour and indicated at the outset that he wanted to get the sex over with quickly and then sit and talk.

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The new move is part of an effort by city officials to clean up Amsterdam's image.

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This is poor etiquette.

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Plus, some of the girls' definitions of 15 minutes can be pretty elastic.

Amsterdam's infamous red light district is home to about cabins rented by prostitutes Image: